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In today's dynamic business world where application performance is crucial, monitoring tools ma kluczowe znaczenie, narzędzia monitorujące stanowią istotny element strategii IT każdej firmy. One of the solutions in this field is IBM Instana, which not only changes the way we understand application monitoring but also revolutionizes the approach to real-time performance problem-solving.

Technical Reliability.

Instana is more than just a monitoring tool. It is an intelligent platform based on advanced data analysis, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, it can dynamically track the complexity of microservices, detect relationships between various elements of application architecture, and identify even the smallest performance issues. Kacper Kurowski, Senior IT Specialist at IBM, emphasizes that "Instana becomes a key tool for companies aiming to maintain application performance at the highest level."

Business benefits.

From a business perspective, Instana offers numerous benefits. Its ability to swiftly resolve issues allows for minimizing application downtimes, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing adverse impacts on a company's revenue. Moreover, it ensures better scalability, enabling flexible adaptation to changing market needs.

Ewelina Furtak, Marketing Director at Cloudware Polska, highlights that IBM's Instana is not merely a tool but a partner in achieving business success. „Seria Cloudware Answer, w której zadajemy kluczowe pytania na temat Instana, ma na celu pokazanie, w jaki sposób to rozwiązanie może zmienić sposób, w jaki firmy postrzegają zarządzanie aplikacjami i wydajność operacyjną.”

We invite you to watch the first episode of the Cloudware Answer series, where technical and business-related questions about IBM's Instana are extensively analyzed.

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