Is it possible to start working in IT without experience?


In recent years, IT has become the most popular industry on the market. Many people think that in order to start a career in this sector, you need to have some experience. Is it really a necessary condition?

The answer is NO. Although having experience is always welcome, it is not the only criterion taken into account when recruiting. Learn how to enter the IT industry.

Gaining basic knowledge and skills
First of all, it is important to gain basic knowledge of computer science and programming. This can be done by completing online courses or training that are available for free or for a small fee.

Learning programming languages
In the IT industry, it is good to know at least one programming language. Popular languages such as Python, Java, and C++ can be a good place to start.

Creating a portfolio of projects
To show your skills to a potential employer, it is worth creating a portfolio with examples of your own projects. They can be created while studying, for example for online courses.

Looking for a job as an intern or junior developer
Many companies offer positions for interns or junior developers who can gain their first professional experience under the guidance of more experienced colleagues.

Building your network of contacts with people from IT is very important! You can do this by participating in industry meetings, exchanging experiences with other programmers or participating in online discussion groups.

Determination and continuous development
Ultimately, it is essential to show your determination and willingness to constantly develop your skills. Employers are looking for ambitious and committed people, which is important in the IT industry, where competition is very high.

Although having experience is welcome, it is not the only criterion taken into account when recruiting. IT companies are primarily looking for people with passion for technology and the desire for continuous development. Therefore, people without experience, but with interest and willingness to learn, have a chance to find a job in the IT industry.

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