„Could ultra-fast all flash matrices be attractive in terms of their price?” – this was a leading question of IDC Technology Breakfast 2017 held on 11 October in Warsaw, in Endorfina Restaurant. The participants of the meeting discussed possibilities allowing to reduce the All-Flash matrices purchase costs without compromising in terms of required efficiency and capacity. They focused on discussion and responses to the following questions:
• Would it be a challenge for you if an application worked faster and accessibility time to data was reduced?
• Maybe your employees complain about long accessibility time to virtual desktops?
• Is the extended backup widow a threat to the data security policy in your organization?
• Is data analysis time endlessly extended?
• Do you think that the investment in All-Flash matrices will not bring assumed ROI?
Aforementioned mechanisms were presented upon the meeting from the manufacturer’s but also from the user’s point of view. It was a perfect occasion to learn about modern solutions and development strategies of storage media and also how others do it and what benefits they gain thanks to it.

Apart from Cloudware Polska, there were also IBM and TechData companies that were the partners of the event.
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