ITwiz BEST100 is the top Polish report containing over 170 pages of analysis, tabular results of IT companies and results of research in cooperation with CIO of the largest companies in Poland. Cloudware is present in the report since its first edition. In the latest, in 12 rankings Cloudware maintained its position in the top twenty. Cloudware ranked third in the top three:

  1. In the ranking of companies with the highest sales virtualization solutions in 2016 took 2nd place;
  2. In the ranking of the companies with the highest revenue from storage, backup and archiving solutions in 2016, it was ranked 5th.
  3. In the ranking of the companies with the highest income from the hire of employees in Poland in 2016 took 8th place.

More results available after downloading the report from:

In addition to the results of Cloudware against other IT marketers, the publication also includes an interview with Cloudware Polska’s Sales Director Grzegorz Gołda, who talks about key customer issues, solutions and the direction of the company’s development. We invite you to read.