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For example, the day

For example, the day I stumbled into the Linnton Family Caf craving a delicious ice cream treat, I spread a bunch of good cheer right onto the face of the formerly grumpy owner. While the Chinese woman working the counter initially scowled when I ordered a cone, then scowled again when my friend Lance ordered [...]

The first point

The first point also has some areas to read in between the lines. The international community wants to go to the moon. Obama said "we've been there before," but the rest of the world hasn't. The company's founder, former Chinese Olympic gymnast Li Ning, has ambitious plans to challenge rivals like Nike on their home [...]

The Packers forcing

The Packers forcing two turnovers in the first quarter was a good sign for the defense, especially with Mike Daniels and Micah Hyde applying pressure on the two Clinton Dix interceptions. That's a team effort. There really were a lot of positives for the defense, but it just came down to a lack of execution [...]

This is a process

This is a process that involves pumping lots of water, sand and chemicals deep, deep into the ground to loosen up oil and gas that's hiding in layers of shale. Once loosened, the oil and gas quickly rises to the surface. Also called horizontal hydraulic fracturing, fracking allows for one wellhead to pump oil and [...]

On Monday, we highlighted

On Monday, we highlighted a subterranean delicacy, the caterpillar fungus, even more expensive than the white truffle. Today, we present seven alternatives that are far cheaper, but provide an experience that's similar in one respect or another. A warning: we listed the alternatives in descending order of proximity to the real deal. It's the longest [...]

Other dangers lurk for investors

Other dangers lurk for investors. In Iowa, corn prices are high partly because corn is used to make ethanol, a fuel additive subsidized by the federal government. Department of Agriculture expects 40 percent of the nation's corn crop this year will go to factories that make it. And T shirts are cheap enough so that [...]

It can be tedious

It can be tedious and time consuming and often requires a level of persistence that code compliance employees are reluctant to exercise. News reports indicate that Oakland inspectors made a single effort to gain access to the "Ghost Ship" sometime prior to the fire but were unable to do so. Apparently, they gave up and [...]

Hanging out in the shadows

Hanging out in the shadows of North Salt Lake oil refineries isn normally my idea of a good time. It wasn that is, until I discovered The Grille at the Garage on Beck Street, formerly Club Jimax. It an unusual location for a pub, for sure, and an even more unlikely place to get a [...]

Multi million pound

Multi million pound transport bid could make new Oxford railway line and station revamp a realityA train runs a test passenger service on the Cowley Branch Line, in Oxford, stopping at science Park in 2014. Picture: Richard CaveMulti million pound transport bid could make new Oxford railway line and station revamp a realityA test stop [...]

There been crop failures?

There been crop failures? Are there price wars going on in a particular commodity? he said. Fluctuations are another driving factor (and) political instability and corruption. Points to the recent furor over Brazil meat exports as one example. Straw bales are very accessible, requiring no bending, shoveling, hoeing or kneeling. Although the bales all started [...]